A Unique Multi-year, Multi-Company Payroll System

Superpay keeps your payroll details instantly accessible. With Superpay’s unique way of storing data you can quickly access both current and `archive' payroll information. You can:

  • Print or view reports or payslips for any week or range of weeks.
  • Go back as many weeks as you want to correct a payslip.
  • Print or view reports or payslips across tax years; for example print pension totals for a calendar year.
  • Quickly call up an employee's details to answer audit Inland Revenue queries relating to previous periods (or tax years).

Superpay also stores all the rates and bands for each tax year since 1991, allowing you to run payrolls for previous years if you need to.

Superpay can handle your payroll

Thousands of companies already use Superpay - from big name accountants running a bureau service for hundreds of clients, to manufacturing companies, to tiny service companies with 3 or 4 employees. So, whatever your payroll, Superpay can handle it.

Superpay is comprehensive

Superpay is comprehensive yet easy to use whether you have a complex payroll or a simple salaries requirement. You need never be inconvenienced by a multitude of facilities you don't require, but they are there in the background if you do.

Superpay payslips are easy to understand

Your employees can see exactly how their gross pay has been calculated and what deductions have been made.

Superpay does all your tax and NI calculations

With so many companies already using Superpay, you can be sure of a tried and tested package that conforms with all the tax and NI etc. regulations. Directors' payroll, unusual tax codes, pensions, SSP, SMP, Tax Credits, Stakeholder Pensions, and Benefits in Kind are all included.

Superpay is easy to use

Newcomers to computers can get Superpay up and running within a few hours of installation. And, for the experienced computer user, Superpay's logical menus, unique payslip screen, enquiry and error correction facilities eliminate extensive re-learning.

Superpay's Hotline is second to none

All our Hotline staff are experts in their field and are only too willing to help, whatever your query.