·        Tax

·        NI (all codes, director annual and alternate)

·        Pensions

·        Parental pay

·        SSP

·        Student loan, Postgraduate loan

·        Pay intervals of 1, 2 or 4 weeks or 1, 3, 6 or 12 months in any combination

·        Net to gross (total and incremental)

·        Automatic Minimum Wage rates

·        11 attachment types

·        Car benefits

·        Easy undo and rerun of payrolls

·        All reports to paper, PDF, Excel, CSV, screen

·        Email reports to clients

·        Create payment files to upload to your bank

·        Download and action HMRC notices (P6, P9, SL, NINO)

·        Automatic transition to new year


·        Full Payment Submission (FPS)

·        Employer Payment Summary (EPS) for recovery or nil

·        Year end, cessation

·        Earlier Year FPS, EYU

·        Bulk filing for agents

·        Report of outstanding items for filing

Pension Auto Enrolment

·        Automatic lookup of staging dates

·        Assessment of employees during run payroll

·        Postponement and enrolment handled automatically

·        Handle opt ins, joins, opt outs

·        Employee letters

·        NEST integration within Superpay

·        File uploads for more than 30 pension providers



·        Laser payslips (pre-printed, plain paper, PDF)

·        Continuous payslips (1 or 2 part, security, mailer)

·        P60's

·        P45’s

·        Email payslips, pension letters, P45’s and P60’s to employees

·        Upload payslips to eDoc Deposit and Pay Dashboard


·        Single or multiple companies, multiple tax years

·        Full support by telephone or email

·        Program updates

·        Supports local or network data file, Microsoft SQL Server. Or store your data in the cloud with Azure